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I watched High Stakes Sweepers on TLC. I was amazed people just sit at home and fill out sweepstakes forms all day and they do win prizes. They had people a person who won over a million in cash and prizes, and a couple who one over $250,000. I was amazed and found the site SweepsKid.com and started entering sweepstakes myself. Hopefully I'll win something.

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I think I'm going to try dating a guy in he military for once. I never dated one before. I know he'll have confidence for sure. I just don't like the idea of ever living on a base. Hmmmmmmmmm, I guess i git to find one that will be leaving it soon. I'm going the try the sites Military Personals, Marine Dating, and Military Singles.

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I would not mind a really romantic gift for a change. This blog is almost a bit of a cheat list for men who don’t know what to get their lady friends for Christmas this year.

What is considered to be a romantic gift varies from culture to culture. For instance a woman who is given the gift of cooking pot in the United States might see that as being as less of a romantic gift and more of one that means “get to work.” However in India the gift of a pot, especially if it is copper, denotes your love and desire for that woman.

As for as romantic gifts go you can’t go wrong with flowers whether they be real flowers, flowers on a card or clothing with flowers on it. Flowers mean you care and the more flowers you give at once the more you care!

Flowers that symbolize the emotion of love include daffodils, lilies, tulips, asters, bleeding hearts, daisies, roses, gardenia, lavender, orchid, poppy, primrose, periwinkle, hyacinth, trilliums, violet, and geranium. Giving these flowers as the real thing or as ceramic sculptures or as a decorative motif on any item says, “I love you.”

Roses of course are the absolute classic flower of love with red roses symbolizing passion and pink ones symbolizing a more pure love. White roses are given to someone that you respect. Handing someone a yellow rose means that you know that they have deceived you. Orange roses symbolize great passion.

Rose perfume is also a very romantic gift, especially if it is rose absolute. In India there are some very expensive oils made from different varieties of roses. Yet another very expensive love oil is pure carnation oil. This is very hard to get and it is worth a king’s ransom if you can find it.

Yet another very romantic scent from India is patchouli. Patchouli has the added element of arousing lust as one of its properties. The same is true of musk and amber.

Aside from perfumes nothing says love like jewelry. Gold jewelry means you are very serious about the woman you have just endowed with a dowry. Silver jewelry has a more intuitive, casual quality to it. If you give someone a copper bracelet you are telling him or her you love him or her, as copper is a metal that belongs to Venus.

As for me I would gladly settle for having any of these gifts under my tree this Christmas. Hopefully men reading this article will get some kind of hint from reading it. These are more traditional suggestions so you can’t go too far wrong unless the woman is allergic to roses or something like that!

You can get discount codes to save money while shopping online for these gifts at DiscountWild.com !

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Ok, so last week, I received a phone call from my friend in Denver. She’s generally not such a ‘happy go lucky’ kind of gal and always has her fair share of complaints but this time, she wouldn’t shut up about Elite Personal Search. During that phone call, she went from ‘normally informative’ to ‘overly joyous’ about this dating service.

She told me her story of how she met “the most incredible guy in the world”.

Basically, she signed up with Elite Personal Search a little less than seven months and has had some pretty amazing dates and some ‘so-so’ dates. She went on and on about how she loved the way they were so precise in the type of men they chose for her. She said that at least ninety percent of the men she dated were actually interested in what she had to say and that they were such gentlemen.

After meeting a nice amount of honorable men and achieving somewhat of a love and respect for the entire Elite Personal Search dating service, she then met Gary.

Apparently, they dated for about two months until they got engaged a day before she called. She told me that she never had any complaints about Elite Personal Search or that she never felt any negative feelings towards them.

Her attitude and tone of voice made me think “wow, she must really love this dating service”. I mean, I would also love them if they introduced me to my soul mate. Wouldn’t you?

She also had tons more to say about them in her review but I kind of forgot all the little tiny details.

Although I don’t really know that much about them, my friend’s story gave me a pretty good idea of what they’re like.
I think I’m going to explore the web and try to find some more Elite Personal Search reviews now.

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If you are trying to lose weight before a big date you might try water fasting. I tis not a permanent solution to weight loss but it can help you fit into that dress you want to wear at the last minute. Water fasting is not quite the same as taking all those toxic teas that can cause dehydration symptoms like dizziness, nausea, headache and stomach cramps. If you do water fasting properlty these things do not become a problem.

There are two big precautions that you should take before water fasting –

1. Do not fast on water alone as an all water fast release toxins too quickly causing headaches.
2. If water fasting is more than three days do it only under the supervision of a physician
3. To prepare for a fast eat only raw vegetables and fruits for two days prior to starting it. This will make the fast itself less of a shock to the system.

While on the fast consume at least eight ounce glasses of steam distilled water a day plus pure juices and up to tow cups of herbal tea a day. Dilute all juices with the water adding about 1 part water to three parts juice. Do not drink orange or tomato juice and avoid all juices made with sweeteners and other additives.

The best juice to use for a fast is the juice of one lemon to a cup of warm water. Fresh apple, beet, cabbage, carrot, celery and grape juices are also good as our “green drinks” made fresh or from a commercial powder.

If you are having problems with ulcers and your colon then try adding raw cabbage juice to the equation.

Herbal teas can be consumed once or twice a day while water fasting. These include Alfalfa, burdock, chamomile, dandelion, milk thistle, red clover and rose hips that cleanse the bloodstream and support the liver.

If you must have something to eat during the fast a piece of watermelon is permitted. You can also eat fresh applesauce that has been made in a food processor.

During the fast it is very common to experience a wide variety of symptoms as toxins are released from your body including fatigue, body odor, dry scaly skin, skin eruptions, headaches, dizziness, irritability, anxiety, confusion, nausea, coughing, diarrhea, dark urine, dark foul smelling stools, body aches, insomnia, sinus discharge and visual or hearing problems. If

Follow up the juice water and tea fast with a two-day diet of raw fruits and vegetables. This is because the desired effect could be ruined if you eat cooked foods right after the fast.

You can also take two capsules of garlic a day to promote healing in the colon, strengthen the blood and also get rid of parasites. Many people eliminate all sorts of parasites when they go on a fast.

Also be sure to take a fiber supplement on a daily basis before and after your fast but not during your fast.

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I tried out a whip last night. I got this large one that makes you feel much like a dominatrix than the smaller models, especially when you have on black high heeled hooker boots on. Whips are real fun for teasing touches, gentle tickles, slithery, swirling strokes, then hard strokes. Nothing is better foreplay than a whip.


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Does anyone here have any friends or family members with any personal experience from the Table for Six dating club?

Well, I do. I actually know three people.

The first person is my brother. He met his wife after being a member of Table for Six for about a year. After fighting for months with a different dating service and demanding a refund, he decided to join Table For Six. The way he spoke about the other service was a little too much for me. Complaints after complaints, that’s all I ever heard. To be honest with you, I think he could have given them a better chance and not have reacted the way he did. He’s the kind of guy that sometimes gets a little too worked up over things. He still hasn’t received a refund so you can imagine the complaints I hear now.

Anyway, he decided to join Table For Six to see where it would take him. As he usually does, he worried way too much about finding “Mrs. Right”. He was having loads of fun on all the cool sounding events they provided but was still eager to find his marriage partner. What is it with guys today? What is it with them and complaints? They always seem so desperate. At least a big percent of them do. I kept telling him to relax and give it time.

Well, guess what happened next. He gave Table for Six some time like I said and, ‘BAMM’, the right one came. They dated for a few months before they got engaged and eventually married. Now, he’s a lot more mellow and chilled out. He’s not so uptight anymore and his level of complaints has dropped drastically. It’s a real load off my shoulders.

Next, I have two girlfriends who have similar stories.

One is engaged and actually getting married next week, while the other is married with two kids.

They are both extremely happy with the results that came out of the Table for Six dating club and have some pretty beautiful Table for Six reviews posted on the web.

The one who is about to get married met her fiancé on some crazy activity event. I’m pretty sure it was a kick boxing class. Either that or some other kind of physically exerting class. She said that she had to partner up with someone else. She and some guy instantly looked at each other and said “waddya say”? That partner of hers is the guy who is soon to be her life partner.

I’m pretty sure that Table for Six only club that offers events and features other than the classic method called “blind date”. I know from personal experience that these dates can be very awkward. In my case, most of these nights were loaded with the uncomfortable lines like “uuhhhh……. so what do you do for a living” and “wow, it’s hot in here”. Thanks but no thanks.

The other features give each Table for Six member a more comfortable environment in dating and reduce the amount of complaints and negative reviews.

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When you are dating it is women that do not think much of themselves in the first place who lose. You need to believe that you already have a greater level of success before you even leave the house for a date. Unfortunately many women leave the house to go to a singles bar or try to find a date with this I am a loser mentality. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because it is a turn off.

Girls tart acting like you’re invincible. In other words, you should be walking around like it’s already happening to you. Walk in like you own the place and if you’re not going to talk to men right away, then be committed to a conversation with a friend.

Men can’t stand it when you’re looking directly at a friend and talking and not scanning the room like every other guy. It makes you stand out. It builds attraction. They become jealous. It is something really Neanderthal and jealous in them that makes them want to be number one.

This means looking occupied and committed when you talk to men. Any men. This is so that by the time you interact with them they are already attracted. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. If you keep it fun short and firefly it will drive them even crazier. Before you know it men will start lining up to talk to you.

This is because you will be doing what most women can’t do because they are so desperate. Most other girls were looking around the room for targets – the single guy –when they wake in the room. All we did was have a committed conversation and have fun. No work, lots of return.

You saw how being friendly gets you everywhere and can turn any evening into an extraordinary one. Just by having this confidence and relaxed attitude, women will approach you and do all the work. If you’re friendly and ask questions you won’t have to worry about what to say next. They’ll do all the talking.

Remember, simple is better than complicated. “What’s up?” “What’s happening over here?”, “Why haven’t you called me?” or “I’m your dancer” always works better than a long, drawn out, story. It’s as if you’re not hitting on them. This causes them to lower their defenses and they don’t see you coming until they’re already attracted.

Act as if this is already your life. I can see it inside of you; it’s lying right below the surface. You deserve this life where men adore you, want you and must have you. The more that you maintain this sort of attitude which is very hard for women to do as we are taught from birth to be demure and to hang our heads and be shame based the more he is going to see you as exceptional and as a trophy that must be won.

Remember, you’re the prize!

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I tried out some candles last night. I didn't use regular candles I used Massage Candles. The soy wax melts into oil at a low, skin-safe temperature. It doesn't burn you and is very sexy. The candle massage oil was a million time better than the Nivea lotion I usually use for massages.